Explaining The Russian Meteor

In case you missed it, a meteor streaked across the sky over central Russia on Friday before exploding about 30-50 kilometers high and scattering across the Urals region, damaging close to 300 buildings and injuring over 1,000 people. Reuters News Clip: Discussed By NASA Planetary Sciences Director, Jim Green. Also talks about the unrelated DA14 […]

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Why You Up In My Grille?

Check out this owl that passed through a Ford grille while the truck was traveling at 60 MPH. THOSE EYES. At the 0:45 mark, look closely at the left of the middle grille bar – it looks like the force of the owl cracked it and the plastic snapped back into shape after the collision, […]

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Ghost Ride The Drive-Thru

All I’m wondering is: When she throws the food in his car at 3:05, did he already pay?! I mean, as far as I know..you pay, then you get the food. But…he might have scored a free meal since there’s no way he paid with the seat off, put it on, and drove 5 feet […]

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