Take Your Picture Now, Adjust The Focus Later: The Lytro Light Field Camera

Pricey? Maybe. Cool? Definitely. The Lytro Light Field Camera let’s you snap pictures at will without having to worry about the focus (you can adjust it later) and choose what you want the main focus of an image to be (say wha?)

How it works: “Unlike a conventional camera that captures a single plane of light, the Lytro camera captures the entire light field, which is all the light traveling in every direction in every point in space.” – Lytro.

The camera powers on instantly, it has no auto-focus, no shutter motor, and no flash. All of this means: no delays.

With all these ‘no delays’, you won’t miss split second opportunities to capture a moment (for instance, an exotic car flying by you in the opposite direction, or maybe an animal doing something crazy at the zoo). That’s my biggest peeve with a conventional camera or cell phone camera: turning it on, waiting for the focus, and then being able to take your shot. By then, your split second opportunity is gone.

Also, it captures megarays, not megapixels. So you won’t see a megapixel rating for it. Not sure what these megarays are. Crazy future language. It’s also advertised that’s it mainly for taking photos that you would share online (i.e. Facebook photo size), and not large format pictures.

Currently it’s only available for Apple computers (Simpsons quote: “What computers?”) while the Windows software will be out later in 2012. It’s also rumored that Apple may use this technology in the next iPhone. That would be cool.

Also, side thought, would this not help a ton with crime scene photos/security cameras?

The Official Lytro Website

Go to the Picture Gallery and play around with the focus yourself!


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