Crazy Canucks! Bruins Bar Bill: $156K

The top item on the bill? A $100 000 bottle of champagne. It’s called Ace of Spades Midas (by Armand de Brignac) and is 1 of 6 large bottles (30L) in the world. It’s ludicrous to spend that kind of dough on a liquid that doesn’t make you fly or cure cancer, but luckily for the Boston Bruins, it was on the house from the bar they were at, Shrine.

They also ordered 136 Bud Lights (?!), 9 bottles of Grey Goose Magnum (bigger bottles), 4 bottles of Crown, 3 bottles of Captain Morgan’s, 67 Fiji waters and a few other, smaller, Ace champagnes.
$24 869.80 for the service alone. That’s only a car, no biggie.

The 30L bottle of champagne was a gift from the owners of the club which seriously inflated the tab. One member of the Bruins entourage estimated the team’s tab was closer to $25,000.

“In June 2011 Mark Cuban spent $90,000 on a 15 liter bottle (20 regular sized bottles) of Armand de Brignac in celebration of the the Dallas Mavericks’ NBA Championship. A week later, the Boston Bruins “one-upped” the Mavericks’ celebration by purchasing a 30 liter bottle of Ace of Spades Midas for $100,000. At the time of the purchase, the Midas bottle was one of six bottles in the world.” – Wiki / Armand de Brignac.

FYI (regarding the title): Of the 30 players on the Bruins roster, 17 are Canadian (canucks).

(Via: DailyMail, CBSBoston, AmericanDrink, and Canoe).


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