Subaru Life: Mark Higgins Almost Crashing, Crazy

At first this doesn’t look like much, but after watching the in-car video (second clip) it really shows the skill. Driver Mark Higgins almost loses control of his lightly modified 2011 Impreza WRX STI at 150 MPH while calling it “the biggest moment of his life”. If you’d like to skip to it, start the vid 0:50 in, but seeing a car go that fast through a village is kinda thrilling.

Below, in-car view (start 45 seconds in): Comparing what you see outside to inside, it’s amazing seeing how much wheel control was involved to make the save.

Also fun to note in the second clip is the PASSENGER. He obviously has no idea they almost just had a huge crash that would of resulted in multiple roll-overs/ending up in the side of a house/possible death; he has no physical reaction at all about anything until 1:08!

(Via: Autoblog)

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