FAIL: Driverless Tractor On The Loose Outside Wal-Mart, Toronto

I thought you only saw weird things inside Wal-Mart every time you go (People of Wal-Mart). Here we have a driverless tractor outside. Not only does no one jump in to try and stop it (Apparently 10 km/h is too dangerous to try or everyone is just so nonchalant that they’d rather watch) but, even better, two cops show up and CIRCLE BEHIND the tractor. Someone finally tries to stop it, but then it gets stopped by something else. The tow truck drivers want money so they get an inhumane pass here for doing nothing. Happened in Richmond Hill (Just outside of Toronto). This is the biggest combined FAIL I’ve ever seen. I’m scared for Toronto in crisis.

(Via: Autoblog)

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