Ferrari And Lamborghini Being B*#ches?

The Ferrari Story: Automotive Journalist Chris Harris explains how anal Ferrari is about their cars before they’re test driven by an automotive publication. This could also likely mean that Ferrari is dishonest with its customers, because the ‘press cars’ being tested by automotive publications as ‘stock’ probably aren’t, and are tuned differently than the car a Ferrari buyer will be getting.

The car you read about isn’t just faster because it’s driven by a professional, Ferrari (and possibly other automotive companies) set it up to be quicker, while the reader is none the wiser.


Lamborghini Story: The owner’s Gallardo wouldn’t start, he had it shipped to Lambo and after the service, it still wouldn’t start. It was damaged in transit, too. Lambo China hasn’t claimed responsibility.

Also, as it was World Consumer Rights Day in Qingdao city, China, on March 15, the Lambo owner’s protest was made to double as public support for manufacturers to respect citizens’ consumer rights.

Click the photo for the Ferrari story (It’s an interesting read):

(Via: Jalopnik)

Lamborghini Story From Autoblog:

(Via: Autoblog)

Lamborghini Story From MSNBC:

(Via: MSNBC)

Video – Lambo Being Smashed:

(Via: YouTube)

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