Jeopardy Super Computer: Watson Vs. Ken Jennings Vs. Brad Rutter

Update/Results: Watson won. After two full games of Jeopardy! spread over three nights, the final scores were Watson: $77,147, Jennings: $24,000, Rutter: $21,600. Having personally watched all three nights, it’s not so much that Watson was smarter than Jennings and Rutter when it comes to Jeopardy!, it was just faster on the buzzer. But obviously that’s not the overall point and Watson’s ability, without a doubt, is impressive. Click here for more.

IBM and Jeopardy teamed up to have the two greatest Jeopardy contestants compete against a super computer named Watson. This is a test-match (which is made obvious by the absence of the great George Alexander Trebek). The real episodes will air February 14th-16th, 2011.

For more on Watson and its capabilities/history, click here.

(Via: venturebeat)

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