Woman Strips To Underwear At Airport

While going through security in a wheelchair at the Oklahoma City airport, 52-year-old Dr. Tammy Banovac took off her trench coat annnnnnd is now on YouTube. She was stopped because her carry-on/laptop triggered an alarm for nitrates, so I guess that’s why she’s just on the side instead of getting called through. The TSA officials have no idea why she was acting like a robot or if the strip was even a protest.

She’s not the first to do it (a group of Germans did a protest in their underwear at the Berlin-Tegal airport, and there’s been a couple of other women with only their underwear underneath a trench coat already).

Turns out she also posed (NSFW-ish) for Playboy in 1997. Just another soul that wants attention.

(Via canoe)

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