Top Gear’s The Stig is Ben Collins

Like it or not, The (white) Stig has finally been revealed. The Stig, for those wondering, is an anonymous character who sets lap times while racing cars on probably the most popular automotive show in the world, the BBC’s ‘Top Gear’.

Why the reveal happened: Ben Collins (racing driver, Formula 3, Le Mans Series) wants to publish an autobiography (mostly detailing his time as The Stig) and the High Court refused the BBC’s injunction in an attempt to block it. Pretty boring reveal. Also, paperwork from Collins Autosport (his company) listed “driving services provided for the BBC, mainly in the Top Gear programme.” ( The BBC is currently trying to sue the publisher, HarperCollins, to stop its release.

The three hosts of Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson (who confirmed Collins worked as The Stig), Richard Hammond, and James May, are all supposedly pissed at Collins and are currently thinking of how to kill off the ‘white’ Stig.

Click the image for the link with video.


Here’s a couple more links if you want to get into it:

AutoBlog, The Stig Page

Ben Collins Wikipedia


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