Short Stories: The Dark Side Of The Lens

Renowned British surf photographer, Mickey Smith, has the first video released in a series called “Short Stories” by Relentless Energy (energy drink). I highly recommend you open the video below in a new window and watch it in 720P and full-screen. It’s a relaxing/chilling adventure into Mickey’s surfing/photography life. He has a heavy accent, but try and listen to every word as almost everything he says is quotable. Directed by Mickey Smith, produced by Astray Films.

“Relentless presents Short Stories, a challenge to filmmakers around the world to explore, reveal, celebrate and define NO HALF MEASURES through the medium of film. At its heart it’s a competition, one that will reward those directors who can bring the NO HALF MEASURES attitude to life in the most visceral possible way.” – Relentless Energy

(Via uniquedaily)

If you would like to see some of his photography, click the photo below (If it doesn’t load, click the ‘via’ link). I don’t even understand the photo I chose (Is the wave that huge? What’s going on?) it just looks amazing.

(Via clubofthewaves)

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