Citibank Employee Fired For Being Too Hot

Debrahlee Lorenzana was supposedly fired because her superiors couldn’t concentrate when she was around. And it was her body shape, not her clothing, that was too sexy. Right…….I wouldn’t be surprised to see this working in her favor (competitor job offers, ad placements poking fun at the situation, good cash from any men’s magazine etc.) Actually, researching further, she’s already been hired by Chase Bank just a week later.

“Her lawyer, Jack Tuckner, agreed that Lorenzana is a sexy woman, but said that shouldn’t matter in the workplace.”

“It’s like saying that we can’t think anymore ’cause our penises are standing up, and we cannot think about you except in a sexual manner and we can’t look at you without wanting to have sexual intercourse with you. And it’s up to you, gorgeous woman, to lessen your appeal so that we can focus,” Tuckner told the newspaper.”

Original story: Here

“Too sexy” for work outfits: Here

Photo: NY Daily News


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